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Overseas study activities

Here are some recent OSD's activities

A seminar was conducted on December 1, 2009, by Assoc. Prof David Mathews, Director of Curtin English Language Center, Curtin University of Technology, Australia. Nearly 40 students and parents attended and raised questions about how to apply to study at Curtin. Professor Mathews not only responded directly to the questions raised but also provided useful information about its international services, including a scholarship program of 4-week English study at Curtin. CUT is a key partner of SEAMEO RETRAC.

On July 26, 2009, SEAMEO RETRAC and Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, held a seminar for  around 30 students and parents who wished to have information about the Singaporean government scholarships (of up to 80% of the tuition)done through RP.

International Pacific College, New Zealand,   met on July 29, 2009, with a group of 48 students interested in partial scholarships of up to NZD 18,000 provided by this institution. Afterward, a scholarship interview session attended by 12 candidates took place on August 2.