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The Opening Ceremony of the Communicative English Course conducted for 15 senior officers of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET) was held on February 16, 2009, at the Centre. This special six-week English course involved participants in diversified interactive activities including in-class communication sessions, online discussion, self-accessed learning sessions, seminars, and field trips.

The purpose of the course is to enable the participants to develop their ability to communicate effectively in English so as to serve their jobs well.

Opening Ceremony of class MOET 2

Self-Study time of class MOET 2

At the same time, SEAMEO RETRAC opened a Communicative English course for 20 senior officers of the Vietnam Education Publishing House in Hanoi and another similar class in Ho Chi Minh City at SEAMEO RETRAC. The course includes 10 weeks and is divided into two stages. For the first 6-week stage, students will learn English in Vietnam and the remaining 4 weeks will take place in SEAMEO Regional Language Center (RELC), Singapore. The course aims at providing the learners with language skills and knowledge for their effective communication, as well as real experience of using English in everyday activities.