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Training 322

This pre-departure program is intended for students of Project 322, who wish to improve their scores in TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT  or IELTS, or other exams as required, in order to pursue graduate programs abroad. The Training 322 aims at assisting selected students in their academic study that requires essential study skills and language proficiency.

Besides, the program also assists the Ministry of Education and Training and individual students in locating the appropriate institutions overseas and in admissions procedures. Since 2004, five courses have been organized at SEAMEO RETRAC, and 485 students have successfully completed the training and met the requirements for their studies in different graduate programs overseas. Click here to view some images from this program.


The major objectives of the training program are to help the students: 

  • achieve 80 for iBT ( or 6.5 for IELTS) and higher;
  • meet the requirements in other graduate exams such as GRE or GMAT;
  • be equipped with essential academic knowledge and skills necessary for their graduate studies;
  • improve their vocabulary and grammar as well as pronunciation, and fluency;
  • develop essential skills for speaking, listening & note-taking, oral presentation, and group discussion;
  • enhance academic reading and writing skills, research skills; and,
  • to develop strategies for self-directed learning.


The course provides you with 200 contact hours in class and 100 hours of tutoring and self-study in multimedia computer labs and self-access learning centers within 10 or so weeks. 


Assessment is carried out in four forms: 

Pre-course Assessment 

This assessment is to: 
(1) determine the learners' current level of linguistic and communicative competence; 
(2) help identify the students’ weaknesses; and, 
(3) provide a benchmark for improvement throughout the course. 

On-Going Assessment 

This type of evaluation aims to measure the student progress, and, more importantly, identify the teaching and learning areas that need more focus and/or necessary adjustment for improvement and is performed in two parallel components: 

The teachers will observe, record and evaluate: 
(1) the students’ participation and performance in classroom activities and 
(2) the students’ commitment and responsibility in the course. 
The Training Coordinators will: 
(1) conduct regular class observation to evaluate the lecturers’ and students’ performance and assure that the course objectives are met. 
(2) have separate meetings with the students and the lecturers to receive feedback and provide continual diagnosis of the students’ specific needs. 

Periodical Assessment 

Periodical achievement tests will be administered throughout the course to measure the student progress and achievement after a certain period of training. 

Post-course assessment: 

A TOEFL/IELTS test administered by SEAMEO RETRAC will serve as the post-course assessment