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Summer Fun


This is an extra-curricular activity designed to create a playground during summer vacation and enhance English communication for children aged 7–15. The curriculum is refreshed every year in order to perfectly fit learners’ ages, hobbies, and levels. The program also aims at not only language skills, but it promotes learners social knowledge, communicative confidence, dynamic personality, sense of community and creativity as well. Upon completing each course, learners will be awarded the Certificate of Completion.  

Participants: Children aged 7–15 having at least one year of English learning experience. The courses consist of three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced.  

Content areas for 2016: 

  1. Songs and Music;
  2. Science;
  3. Storytelling;
  4. Sports and Health;
  5. Survival skills and the environment;
  6. Arts & crafts
  7. Cultures of Southeast Asian countries.

All lessons and activities are taught and facilitated by native English speaking teachers from Queens, College, New York (CUNY); Vietnamese teachers of English will work as co-teachers every class.

Course length and date: 90 hours in 6 weeks from June 13 to July 22, 2016  

Monday–Friday (08:30–11:30)  

Deadline for 10% tuition discount: May 25 2016

Venue: SEAMEO RETRAC, 35 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, HCM City  

Some activities of Summer Fun 2015
35 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, HCM City  
Kiddy Programs, Room A.105; Telephone (08) 38 365 618 (Ext: 124, 146, 307, 135) 

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