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Article 1: Students

  • All the Vietnamese citizens and foreingers legally residing in Vietnam are able to register for English courses in the Center.

Article 2: Students’ responsibilities: Students are required to

  • Comply with all the regulations of the Center about study, practice, and test-taking, etc.;
  • Respect instructors, Center’s management  board and staff;
  • Protect and preserve centre’s property; actively implement regulations for a green and clean environment in the Center;
  • Pay fee on time;
  • Bring student card and the receipt with them whenever coming to class;
  • Be seated in the correct class for which they registered; and,
  • Do not lend student card or receipt to others to help them a chance to study illegally in the Center.

Article 3: Students’ rights: Students can:

  • Get not only all the information relating to their study but also respect and equal treat;
  • Choose a study program suitable to their level in  a convenient time according to the Center’s arrangement;
  • Give feedback and comments about teaching methodology as well as other activities in the Center; and,
  • Have a certificate of completion on the condition that they passed all the exams and evaluations in the course.

Article 4: Students’ behavior and dressing: Students are expected to have good behavior and morals and dress suitably to the pedagogical environment.
Article 5: Students are not allowed to:

  • Outrage other people’s honors and humnan dignity;
  • Cheat in exams or use materials and learning facilities of the centre into purposes other than study;
  • Smoke and drink beer or alcohol in the Center;
  • Use mobile phone in the class time;
  • Freely draw on the wall, tables and chairs; and,
  • Have deeds that violate the regulations.

Article 6: Students’ choice of study program:

  • Adult Program:
  • Students who register for an English course must take a placement test organized by the center except for whom would like to start with the beginning level. If students pass the final exam, they will be placed in the higher class in the same level range.
  • Students who own the certificates of IELTS, TOEFL-iBT or TOEIC will be placed in the class suitable to the score recorded in the certificate.
  • Students who do not keep a continual time learning English in the Center, within 6 months can come back to register for the same course they joined before or the higher class in the same level range upon the condition that they passed the final exam in the former course.
  • Students who want to join special classes must have equivalent level to the level of those programs.
  • Kiddy Prgoram:
  • Students want to learn English in the Center must take a placement test. After 6 months if they are still not placed in the chosen class, they must take the placement test again.
  • Students are advised to take the class again if they could not pass the final exam.
  • Students who do not keep a continual time learning English in the Center, within 6 months can come back to register for the same course they joined before or the higher class in the same level range upon the condition that they passed the final exam in the former course.
  • Students who want to be placed in higher class must meet the requirement about the level of the class they want to be in.

Article 7: Admission

  • Adult Program:
    • When coming to the centre for the registration, students should bring:
    • Identity Papers (ID card, driving license, student card, etc.);
    • IELTS, TOEFL-iBT or TOEIC certificate (if necessary);
    • Placement-test result; and,
    • A picture of the student (2x3) to make student card.
    • Admission procedures:
    • Fill the Register Form;
    • Submit1 picture of the student; and,
    • Pay fee and receive the receipt.
  • Kiddy Program:
    • Get the Register Form in room 107; and,
    • Pay fee and receive the receipt.

Article 8:  Class Transfer:

  • Class transfer is allowed in the first week when students find themselves not suitable to the class level. Class transfer must:
  • Be approved by the Center;
  • Be suitable to the opening time of new classes; and,
  • Be done only once during the course.
  • Students are required to pay fee for the class transfer (Adult program) and pay or receive the extra if there is inequality between the course fees.

Article 9: Tuition Fees:

  • Payment:
  • When registering for a course, students must pay the tuition fee.
  • Tuition is different for different levels and classes. Students are informed of the tuition fee before they have registered for the chosen course.
  • Tuition reserve:
  • Tuition reserve is just for special cases. For example, students cannot join the course because of illness or a sudden long-term business trip. If students are in such a case, they should have a petition asking for a tuition reserve accompanied by a testimonial of the hospital or the organization they are working in.
  • Tuition reserve can be kept up to 6 months. Once asking for tuition reserve, students only have to pay for days they have spent in the former class. However, if the tuition for new class is higher than that of in the former one, they have to pay for the inequality.
  • Tution Refund:
    • There is no refund for tuition fee except that the Center cannot open the class suitable to the student’s level within one month after the student’s payment to the tuition.
    • Procedures of asking for a tuition refund:
  • A petition of asking for tution refund
  • Receipt
  • Tution Remission:
  • Staff of the Center can have a portion for tution remission for Relatives who are a direct descendant to the staff (wife/husband/offspring).
  • Students of the Center have 10% tution remission for the next course if they pay tuition fee before the openning day of the new course.
  • The Center will not apply the tuition remission for students who do not have a continuous study in the Center.

Article 10: Evaluation and Certificate of Completion:

  • Evaluation:
  • Study results will be evaluated during the course and through the final test.
  • If students are absent from class for a total of 20% hours during the course, they will not be assessed for that course.
  • If students fail in the final exam, they have to pay fee to retake the test.
  • Certificate of Completion:
  • Certificates of Completion are offered to students at the end of each course. Students who pass the final exam of each course are granted a certificate of completion and able to register for a higher class in the same level range.
  • Students who want to get the Certificate of completion have to register at the Admission Room (R. 108). The certificate will be offered to students after 2 weeks of registration. 

Article 11: Reward and punishment

  • Students gaining lots of achievements in study are rewarded according to the rewarding regulations.
  • Students violating the Center’s regulations will be punished according to the following forms:
  • To receive the reprimand;
  • To be warned to send the announcement about the students’ infringement to their working place and family; and,
  • To be forced to stop their study in the Center.
  •  The forms of punishment are decided by both of the Dean of the Divison of Foreign Studies and the Center’s Disciplinary Board.
  •  The Center refuses to recruit misbehaving students.  
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