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Extra-Curricular Activities


SEAMEO English Speaking Club

Speaking to yourself can be "dangerous" because you may not recognize your mistakes, incorrect pronunciation, and more importantly it is not natural. That is why you should make every possible effort to find somebody to talk to. It is not hard to find a friend to speak English with you if you come to SEAMEO English Speaking Club (SEAMEO ESC) to practice. This is actually one of the free extra-curricular activities attracting many students at SEAMEO RETRAC. According to many students, SEAMEO ESC is a useful and interesting activity. It helps, not only SEAMEO students, but also others from outside the Center the opportunities to meet, make friends and practice speaking English. Some SEAMEO ESC activities include group discussions, presentations, telling stories, quizzes, etc. SEAMEO ESC is moderated by native English speaking teachers. Below is the information on the SEAMEO ESC for 2012.
Participants: Everyone who loves English, who needs to practise speaking skills and likes active weekends.
Time/Schedule: 9:00 – 11:00 AM every last Sunday of the month (in 2012 the speaking club starts from 08 January 2012)
Venue: R. 103 SEAMEO Center, 35 Le Thanh Ton, Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Registration: Please register if you are not SEAMEO students.
Contact: The DFS Academic Affairs –Room 208
Tel: 08-3824 5618(Ext.  137). Fax: 08-3823 2175

Other Activities:

Every year, the following events are held:

  • Festivities on International Children’s Day (June 1st) (Link to photos);
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Day (Lunar August 15th) (Link to photos);
  • Activities to celebrate the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20th (Link to photos); and,
  • Christmas Day (December 24th) (Link to photos).

These activities aim to create a joyful playground for children and develop social interaction among the young learners.


Young learners enjoy making things by themselves and learn a lot from real practice; thus, contests and shows are usually organized in special occasions to help students show their talents, enjoy teamwork, and practice the language. The contests include:

  • Card-making;
  • Crafts;
  • Painting; and,
  • Mini-projects for youngsters.
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