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Teachers at SEAMEO RETRAC are required to fulfill the following:

  • Teaching English as a foreign language in accordance with the curricula and methodologies of SEAMEO RETRAC;
  • Successfully completing the entire course for which they are contracted. If for any reason they decide to terminate their contract before the end of their assigned course(s), they must give the Division a one-month notice in order to find a suitable replacement;
  • Engaging in adequate preparation for class;
  • Arranging for their own transportation;
  • Arriving in class on time (at least 15 minutes before class is scheduled to start);
  • Maintaining a professional attitude and appearance with students and clients;
  • Attending professional development sessions conducted at SEAMEO RETRAC (workshops, class observation, meetings, etc.);
  • Refraining from discussing culturally sensitive subjects, which are deemed inappropriate for classroom discussion in Vietnam such as politics, religion, and sex;
  • Avoiding smoking on the premises; and,
  • Getting along well and working in harmony with the rest of the SEAMEO RETRAC staff and teachers.

Note: In order to maintain excellence in teaching and learning, SEAMEO RETRAC reserves the right at any time and without prior notice, to have our senior staff sit in class for the purpose of conducting a class observation.

Dress Code

Teachers must maintain a clean and professional image in teaching at all times.  Specifically, teachers must adhere to the following dress code:

Males: Cleaned and well-pressed shirt with tie and long pants; shoes must cover heels and be cleaned and polished.
Females: Cleaned and well-pressed knee-length skirt/dress or shirt/blouse (with collars) with long pants; shoes must cover heels and be cleaned and polished
Please note that: Shorts, jeans, T-shirts, flip-flops, sport shoes or sandals, such jewelry as nose-rings, earrings (for men), and ethnic clothes are not acceptable dress while teaching at SEAMEO. Do not take backpacks to class.

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