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  • International TESOL Conference is an annual event, jointly organized by SEAMEO RETRAC and TESOL-Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Association, and other universities/educational institutions/organizations in Vietnam and in the world in order to provide a forum for teachers, lecturers, educators and experts to share theories, practices and lessons learned, and to present the findings of their research as well as to exchange information on the innovations in language teaching and learning.
    • The 1st International TESOL Conference:"Innovations in language teaching and learning" was jointly held by SEAMEO RETRAC and TESOL-HCMC Association at SEAMEO RETRAC in 2010, attracting 230 participants.
    • The 2nd International TESOL Conference: "English for All" was jointly organized by SEAMEO RETRAC, TESOL-HCMC Association, Curtin University, Australia, and Hue University College of Foreign Languages in Hue City in 2011, attracting more than 250 participants.
    • The 3rd International TESOL Conference: "English Learning: A Focus on English Use" will be jointly held by SEAMEO RETRAC, TESOL-HCMC Association, Curtin University, Australia, and Da Nang University College of Foreign Languages in Da Nang City (9-11 August, 2012)
      • Click here to download the conference's information
  • Workshops are organized throughout the year for staff development. Most workshops are facilitated by SEAMEO RETRAC professionals or visiting/invited scholars, lecturers, researchers from different institutions and organizations in the world. Attending the workshops are SEAMEO RETRAC English teaching faculty and English teachers, lecturers and specialists from different cities and provinces in Vietnam.

Most recent workshops include:

    • Training Workshop on Effectives Uses of Technology for Foreign Language Teaching;
    • Training Workshop on Pedagogical Strategies, Innovation and Technology for Teaching EFL/EIL Writing; and,
    • Training Workshop on Asian Learners Empowering Themselves with and through the Internet.

Coming workshops:

    • Training Workshop on Family & Friends Teaching, March 06, 2012; and,
    • Training Workshop on Classroom Management, March 07, 2012.

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