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Parent Forum

A forum for parents of the Kiddy Programs to share their experiences in helping their children learn English at home was held on Saturday 24 April, 2010. The topic for discussion focused on the strategies that parents use to motivate and help their children to learn English at home through different activities like reading books, telling stories, singing English songs, playing language games, and so on.


DFS faculty meeting

Division of Foreign Studies organized an annual faculty meeting on February 03, 2010. The meeting, attended by 53 teachers (Vietnamese and expatriate) and SEAMEO staff, aimed to give the faculty an update on the training programs, curricula, textbooks, regulations and policies.


The graduation ceremony of the English Language Teaching

The graduation ceremony of the English Language Teaching - International Certificate - Intake 1, jointly conducted by Camosun College (Canada) and SEAMEO Regional Training Center (Vietnam) was organized on February 01, 2010 at SEAMEO RETRAC.


Christmas fun fair for kids

On the twentieth of December, 2009, SEAMEO Kiddy programs organized Christmas Fun Fair for all Kiddy students. This annual event is highly appreciated as it meets the expectations of Kiddy students as well as their parents.


Exprience sharing at kiddy programs

On December 12, 2009, SEAMEO Kiddy Programs organized a sharing workshop to provide teachers with an opportunity to express their interests and share their teaching experiences in teaching children.


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