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Workshop on Techniques in Teaching IELTS

As a center dedicated to improving language teaching methodologies in Vietnam and the region, we host international trainings to bring global best practices to Vietnamese teachers.


Celebrating the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

On November 20, 2017, SEAMEO RETRAC celebrated Vietnamese Teachers’ Day with a lively celebration. This was an opportunity for the Center to express its gratitude to all the teachers and staff who contributed to RETRAC’s development over the past year.


Vietnamese Teachers’ Day Activity at SEAMEO RETRAC

On Saturday, November 18th 2017, SEAMEO RETRAC’s Kiddy Programs cheerfully conducted a handmade Thank You Card making activity for all young learners to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day.


Opening Ceremony for the Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Intake 16

Curtin University and SEAMEO RETRAC commenced their sixteenth intake of the Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics joint-degree program by hosting the program’s first workshop from 14–17 November, 2017.


Administering Vietnamese Standardized Test of English Proficiency for English Language Teachers in Vinh Long Province.

As an official testing body for the Vietnamese Standardized Test of English Proficiency (VSTEP) from 30 September to 1 October 2017, SEAMEO RETRAC, in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training in Vinh Long Province, administered the VSTEP for 126 English language teachers from primary, lower-secondary and upper-secondary schools in Vinh Long Province.


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