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Organizing Drawing Competition at Kiddy Programs

On the occasion of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day 2014, SEAMEO RETRAC held a drawing competition with the topic of “Thank you Teachers!” among 2,500 students at Kiddy Programs.


Organizing Halloween Costume Contest

On October 25, 2014, SEAMEO RETRAC held Halloween Costume Contest for 2,500 students of Kiddy Programs. The contest attracted many students and parents with several creative costume ideas.


Training Workshop on “Teaching Strategies for Solutions – 2nd Edition”

SEAMEO RETRAC in collaboration with the Oxford University Press organized a training workshop on the “Teaching Strategies for Solutions – 2nd Edition”, on September 20, 2014, at the Center’s premises.


Moon Festival at SEAMEO RETRAC Kiddy Programs

On September 06, 2014, SEAMEO RETRAC held Mid-Autumn activities for 2,500 students of Kiddy programs. This annual festival attracted the students with several interesting activities. For levels from kids to youngsters aged 07-15, students took part in a lantern decorating competition with a variety of creative ideas and topics that they loved.


5th Annual International Conference on TESOL: “New Trends in English Teaching and Learning”

On August 28-30, 2014, the 5th Annual International Conference on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) on “New Trends in English Teaching and Learning” was held at the Center’s premises by SEAMEO RETRAC in cooperation with Curtin University, Australia.


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