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Overseas Study Activities

A seminar was conducted on December 1, 2009, by Assoc. Prof. David Mathews, Director of Curtin English Language Center, Curtin University of Technology, Australia.


Workshop on "the Total Reader and Lexiles Framework"

A workshop on “the Total Reader and Lexile Framework” for administrators and lecturers from universities, colleges and high schools in Vietnam was conducted at SEAMEO RETRAC by Mr. Richard Nangle, expert in the field from the USA, on July 16 – 17, 2009.


Faculty Meeting

The Division of Foreign Studies (DFS) organized an annual faculty meeting on July 27. The meeting, attended by 70 teachers (Vietnamese and expatriate) and SEAMEO staff, aimed to give the faculty an update on the Center, the DFS, training programs, curricula, textbooks, regulations and policies.


Summer Programs

Summer Fun is a special summer program run by SEAMEO RETRAC to create a language learning and playing ground for children aged from 7 to 15. Summer Fun 2009 in July attracted the participation of about 170 kids and teenagers.


Introducing Interactive Smart Board

SEAMEO RETRAC, July 17, held a training session on "Building an Interactive Smart Board (ISB) at low cost”. ISB has been introduced to the public since 1991, but mainly used in specialized classrooms due to the high cost of equipment and technology.


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