As Southeast Asian countries strive to reform the education system and improve student results in the new normal education, enhancing the competency and skills of the school leaders, school administrators and managers, and teachers is essential for a successful reformation. With the current unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, online training has been used and practiced across the globe to continue administering education at all levels. Online training is borderless, and it is more economical in both time and space than conventional training.

With that in mind, responding to the mission of assisting SEAMEO Member Countries, SEAMEO RETRAC designed Modular Online Training Program (MOTP) on Educational Leadership and Management, and Soft Skills for educators in Southeast Asia particularly Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam while also welcoming participants from Southeast Asian countries.  It started in 2021. MOTP Series 2021-2022 began in May 2021 through February 2022.   It consisted of four modules with four topics for each module: Educational Leadership and Management Module 1; Teacher Leadership and Management Module 2; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Module 3, and Soft Skills Module 4. In March 2022, SEAMEO RETRAC added two new modules for March 2022 to June 2022:  Teaching and Learning Module 5 and Classroom Management Module 6. Hence, the first MOTP Series covers from May 2021- June 2022.

MOTP Series 2021-2022 was participated by more than 2,000 on Zoom and over 15,000 on YouTube, a total of more than 17,000 people based on data. The participants included Ministry of Education Personnel, higher education institutions’ professors, directors, deputy directors, deans, associate deans,  school principals, vice principals, program heads, master teachers, teachers, researchers, school staff, and others.

The new normal education brings forth both challenges and opportunities to bring back the glory of education that has been impeded by Covid-19 pandemic.  SEAMEO RETRAC continues to assist SEAMEO Member Countries.  It designs the MOTP Series 2022-2023. It has six modules with four topics for each module, namely: Leadership and Management Module 1; Teacher Development and Support Module 2; Teaching and Learning Module 3; Curriculum and Assessment Module 4; Classroom Management Module 5, and Soft Skills Module 6.  


The objective of the Modular Online Training is twofold:

(a) to advance the participants competencies and skills to perform their tasks, so they are in a better position to contribute effectively for quality teaching and learning to improve student results necessary in the new normal education, and participate actively in the school reformation for the overall development of their schools, and

(b) to expand participant’s network among school educators in the region and continue learning from one another after the training.


The Modular Online Training is a video recorded presentation. It has three parts. First is the video presentation. Second is the Q&A, and third is assignment. In order to make the online training a truly learning experience, the participants will perform the assignment, and submit it online one week after the webinar. After completing the assignment, the participant is awarded with a Certificate of Completion.


The Modular Online Training is a virtual training program. The session length is 45 minutes with Q&A.  English language is in use.


Trainers are SEAMEO RETRAC Staff and invited experts.


The participants include school leaders, school managers and administrators, and teachers in Higher Education Institutions.


Those who complete the assignment per topic will receive a Certificate of Completion conferred by SEAMEO RETRAC.


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