SEAMEO RETRAC 23rd Governing Board Meeting

SEAMEO RETRAC organized its 23rd Governing Board Meeting on Oct 1-2, 2020. The meeting was conducted virtually via the Zoom platform due to the international travel restrictions and the social distancing policy resulting from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Attending the meeting were the Director of SEAMEO Secretariat, Governing Board members, representatives and observers from 09 countries. The purpose of the meeting was to review the Centre’s activities in the past fiscal year as well as gather recommendations from Governing Board members for the year ahead. Also, this year, SEAMEO RETRAC presented a draft of its 5-year Development Plan FY 2020/2021–FY 2025/2026 to seek inputs and advices from the members of the Governing Board before sending to SEAMEO Council for approval and implementation.

Furthermore, held back-to-back with the meeting was an Educational Webinar on “Innovative Solutions to Achieve Quality, Equity and Inclusiveness in Education in Southeast Asia”, which served as a platform for the exchange and discussion of ideas and expertise. At the Educational Webinar, 07 countries’ best practices and experiences were shared by the SEAMEO RETRAC’s Governing Board members, keynote speakers from UNESCO-Bangkok, Thailand and BCCIE, Canada. By facilitating this event through Zoom app and YouTube channel, this Webinar has reached more audiences and gave more chances for participants to interact and discuss with the presenters in order to gain further insights on the topics of the presentations.

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