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SEAMEO RETRAC Summer Fun, June 29 to July 24, 2015
International conference on “Quality in Higher Education: Global Perspectives and Best Practices”, July 30-31, 2015
6th International Conference on TESOL "Responding to Challenges of Teaching English for Communication", August 13-15, 2015
The 48th SEAMEO Council Conference in Thailand, May 06-09, 2015
Attending a Knowledge-Sharing Conference of SEAMEO Centers and Units on Embracing International Standards Practice in Quality Assurance and Management, May 12-14, 2015
Research Skill Training Workshop (Module 01), May 21-22, 2015

Modular Training

Trainer – Training Workshop on Life Skills

Recent events

International Conference on "Leadership and Management in Higher Education for Sustainable Development"
The 5th Annual International Conference on TESOL

Educational Management


English Language Training

Oversea Study

Library and Information Center


Through the pursuit of excellence and the development of expertise, SEAMEO RETRAC aims to become a leading regional center in the field of educational leadership and management, serving all SEAMEO Member Countries and enhancing international cooperation and partnership.


To assist SEAMEO Member Countries to identify and address issues of educational leadership and management by providing such services as research, training, consultancy, information dissemination, community service, networking and partnership.


English Examiners Training Workshop
15th Governing Board Meeting
International TESOL Conference on English Learning: A Focus on English Use
International Conference on “Responding to the 21st Century Demands for Educational Leadership and Management in Higher Education”
International Conference on the Social Value of Educational Technology in Southeast Asia: An Intellectual Exchange Conference for Japan, Cambodia, Lao PDR., and Vietnam

Message from SEAMEO RETRAC Board of Directors

Warmest greetings from SEAMEO RETRAC Board of Directors!

Vietnam, re-admitted as a SEAMEO Member Country on February 10, 1992, by the SEAMEO Council, hosts the SEAMEO Regional Training Center (SEAMEO RETRAC) in Ho Chi Minh City. SEAMEO RETRAC started its very first operations in October, 1996. Since its founding, the Center has experienced its share of successes as well as difficulties and lessons. It has, however, in the end, seen the development of a full-fledged regional center with all the responsibilities, opportunities as well as challenges in the wake of globalization and internationalization.


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