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Tra Vinh 100

With the purpose of upgrading staff qualifications, Tra Vinh 100, a scholarship project offered by Tra Vinh Province as part of the Mekong 1000 Project of the Mekong Delta, has been established to send staff abroad to study. This five year project intends to send 100 qualified people to English-speaking countries for their master and doctorate degree programs.

Chosen as the unique institute, the responsibility of SEAMEO RETRAC in this pre-departure program is to provide the learners with the English proficiency, academic training preparation courses, and school orientation for their future studies. As many as 25 candidates of the first batch were chosen to take part in an intensive training at SEAMEO RETRAC.

Besides English courses, learners were able to explore such other skills as presentation, research methodology, and so on taught by highly qualified instructors. The candidates chose to learn in different fields of discipline including technology, educational management, agriculture, business and others. SEAMEO RETRAC contacted its partner institutions overseas for the appropriate programs/schools with a special reduced total cost package, and assisted the candidates in their admission and visa application. After a year of training and necessary preparations, by the end of 2008, all of the twenty-one students of the first group successfully departed for their overseas studies in Australia, Thailand, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. A few of them have successfully finished their programs and already returned home and to their jobs.