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The SEAMEO Regional Training Center seeks Vietnamese and foreign professionals for the following positions:


Chief accountant                                
Chief librarian                                   
PR/Marketing manager                     
Academic/training manager      
Program officers to work in administrative, training, research, and planning and marketing positions.
+ Having a BA with distinction or a Masters degree (preferably from an English-speaking country) in the related fields of work and mastering in both written and spoken English.
+ Having a Master’s degree in the related field (for training/academic managers, it is in Education/Educational Management, TESOL, Applied Linguistics…);
+ Proficient in English (both in speaking and writing; it is a plus for those graduating from an English-speaking country or obtaining at least 570 on TOEFL or 7.0 on IELTS; a English test will be administered when interviewing);
+ Mastering in office work and document writing in the field of work;
+ Having at least three years of work experience in related fields and possessing interpersonal and teamwork skills; and,
+ Committed to a long-term, full-time job at the Center’s appointment.
Contact Le Thuy Duong (Ms.), Head, Personnel and Legal Affairs, at ltduong@vnseameo.org and (08) 3245618 (ext. 114) for further details.