DAY 1: Thursday, August 15, 2019
8:00-9:00 Registration
International Hall
  • Welcome Remarks by Dr. Ho Thanh My Phuong, SEAMEO RETRAC Director
  • Courtesy Remarks
    • Professor Seth Kunin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor International, Curtin University
    • Mr. John Scacco, Director, Regional English Language Office, U.S. Embassy Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Huu, Director of the National Foreign Languages Project, MOET, Vietnam
  • Gift presentation to Distinguished Guests
  • Certificate awarding to Sponsors
9:30-10:30 KEYNOTE SPEECH #1:

Does the Teacher Matter?: Raising the Bar and Rethinking Roles (fullpaper), (slide)
Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Newton, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Moderator: Prof. Rhonda Oliver, Curtin University, Australia

10:30-11:00 Tea break
International Hall Room A101 Room A301 Room A416
Moderator: Dr. Tran Dang Khanh Linh Ms. Sarah Kirk Prof. Takeshita Yuko Dr. Truong Hong Ngoc
11:00-11:30 #1:Exploring the Relationship Between Reading Speed and Comprehension in a College EFL Environment (fullpaper), (slide)
Assoc. Prof. Monica Hamciuc

Quick and Easy Speaking Activities (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Stephanie Hanson

#3: Utilization of Power Director, an Android Phone Application to Improve the Mastery Level of Grade 10 English Students (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Mario R. Sumalinog
& Mr. Loreto D. Cabural, Jr.  

Engaging Students in Speaking in the Second Language Classroom (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Allen Davenport

11:30-12:00 #4: An Introduction of a Website to Help Students Improve Listening Skills (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Nguyen Phuong Chi
12:05-13:30 Lunch break
International Hall

Fit-for-Purpose Assessment: A Case Study of How Engagement and Diversification Informed the Design of an Admissions Test
Mr. Jonathan Dixon, British Council

Moderator: Ms. Stephanie Hanson

International Hall Room A101 Room A301 Room A416
Moderator: Ms. Sarah Kirk Assoc. Prof. Monica Hamciuc Mr. Pham Ngoc Duc Ms. Vo Thi Khanh Linh
14:30-15:00 #5: The Changing Face of English Villages in Korea (fullpaper), (slide)
Prof. Judy Yoneoka

Podcasts: Listening and Beyond (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Lindsay Kropp

#7: Issues Surrounding Teaching English as a Business Lingua Franca in Monolingual Workplaces (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Saeko Ujiie
#9: Personality Traits and Motivation as Predictors of Willingness to Communicate in the Vietnamese EFL Context (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luan
& Mr. Huynh Huu Hien 
15:00-15:30 #6: Online English Tutors’ Corrective Feedback for Speaking (fullpaper), (slide)
Dr. Truong Hong Ngoc
#8: Enhancing 10th Graders’ Vocabulary Retention through Vocabulary Checking Techniques (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Duong
#10: Breaking the Cycle: Intervening for Positive Washback (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Simpson Evan
15:30-16:00 Tea break
Moderator: Dr. Nobuko Trent Prof. Takeshita Yuko Ms. Dinh Thi Lam Tra Dr. Michael Faudree
16:00-16:30 #13: An Analysis of Animal Idioms in English for Translation in the Light of Cognitive Linguistics (fullpaper), (slide)
Dr. Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc

Informed, Reactive and Reflective Teaching in the Student-Centered Classroom (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Sandra Houghton


Creating and Operating Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) for Teaching Writing (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Pham Ngoc Duc

16:30-17:00 #12: What Materials Could Motivate University Students in CLIL English Classes? (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Kimiko Koseki
#14: Applying Shadowing Technique and Authentic Materials to Promote Phonological Awareness among Young Learners of English (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Nguyen Hong Oanh
DAY 2: Friday, August 16,  2019
International Hall
8:30-9:30 KEYNOTE SPEECH #2:

Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat: Activities to Enliven English (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Stephanie Hanson, University of Minnesota, USA, RELO English Specialist

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Newton

International Hall Room A101 Room A301 Room A416
Moderator: Prof. Yoneoka Judy Dr. Tran Dang Khanh Linh Assoc. Prof. Akira Kuwamura Mr. Tran Phuoc Linh
9:30-10:00 #16: Implementing English as a Medium Of Instruction in EFL Primary School Classrooms in Vietnam: Views from Trainers of English-for-Teaching Module (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr.  Truong Bao Duy

Peer Interaction (fullpaper), (slide)
Prof. Rhonda Oliver

#17: Student-centered CLIL Methods to Develop Critical Thinking Skills (fullpaper), (slide)
Dr. Nobuko Trent
& Ms. Kimiko Koseki

Unique Ways to Learn English in Japan (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr.  Morita Takuya

10:00-10:30 #17: The Significance of Incorporating On-line Lessons Conducted by Filipino Teachers into University English Curriculum (fullpaper), (slide)
Prof. Takeshita Yuko
#18: Self-evaluation Strategies and Medical Students: Opportunities for Critical Thinking in a CLIL-based Classroom (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Chad Godfrey
10:30-11:00 Tea break
International Hall Room A101 Room A301 Room A416
Moderator:  Dr. Truong Hong Ngoc Mr. Le Minh Duy Ms. Sarah Kirk Ms. Tran Le Nghi Tran
11:00-11:30 #19: Flipped Classroom for Teaching English Pronunciation through E-Learning Materials (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Vo Thi Khanh Linh
& Ms. Nguyen Hoang Mai Thy

Using Corpora in English Language Teaching – An Exploratory Learning Approach (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Dinh Thi Lam Tra

#21: Practical Teaching Methods to Improve Essay Writing via Lexical and Syntactic Features for EFL Students (fullpaper), (slide)
Dr. Michael Faudree

How to Get Students Speaking in the Flipped Classroom (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Paul Grainger

11:30-12:00 #20: Flipping the Classroom for Fostering Interactive and Efficient English Language Learning (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu
#22: Using Debate Project to Enhance ULIS 2nd Year Students’ Language and Academic Skills (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Hoang Thi Hong Hai
12:00 -13:30 Lunch break
International Hall Room A101 Room A301 Room A416
Moderator:  Ms. Sarah Kirk Ms. Vo Thi Khanh Linh Mr. Truong Bao Duy Assoc. Prof. Monica Hamciuc
13:30-14:00 #23: The Dynamic Professional Identity of the Vietnamese English Language Teacher Educator (fullpaper), (slide)
Dr. Tran Dang Khanh Linh

BYOD: Technologies for Learner Engagement and Collaboration (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Tran Le Nghi Tran
Ms. Nguyen Dieu Ngoc
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thao
Ms. Hoang Thi Thanh

#27: The Effectiveness of Genre Based Approach to Teaching Writing of Report Text (fullpaper), (slide)
Ms. Leni Lesnawati

How Can We Help Students be a Self-Regulated Learner? (fullpaper), (slide)
Prof. Kuniko Yoshida
Mr. Takayuki  Kato,
Mr. Yoshihiro Minamitsu 

14:00-14:30 #24: Identifying Component Elements of English Medium Content Instruction (EMI) for Professional Development in Non-Anglophone Higher Education (fullpaper), (slide)
Assoc. Prof. Akira Kuwamura
#28: A Preliminary Research on Grammar Teaching through Writing Activities (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Le Minh Duy
& Mr. Pham Anh Duc
14:30-15:00 #25: An Approach to Foster Language Learner Autonomy in a Vietnamese EFL Classroom (fullpaper), (slide)
Dr. Phan Thi Thanh Thao
& Ms. Dinh Thi Thanh Huyen
#26: Learning Medical Vocabulary Using the Internet: A Case Study of a Group of Japanese Co-medical Students (fullpaper), (slide)
Assoc. Prof. Chie Saito

#2: The Effects of Topic Familiarity on Reading Comprehension and Incidental Vocabulary Learning for Primary School Learners (fullpaper), (slide)
Mr. Rangsawoot Matwangseang

15:00-15:30 Networking
15:30-16:00 Tea break
16:00-16:30 International Hall
– Remarks
– Prize Draw
– Certificate of Attendance