Division of Education (DOE)

Division of Education directs its efforts on educational leadership and management issues by conducting such activities as training, research, community service, exchange and cooperation in response to situational needs in the SEA region and beyond


Division of Education aims to become a high-quality, international institution focusing in training, research in education and educational administration at graduate and lower levels in collaboration with foreign institutions.


  • Implement joint graduate programs in education and educational administration, cooperate with domestic and international institutions to conduct research in such fields as education, comparative education, applied research in educational administration, educational programs for community development.
  • Design and implement educational projects to promote equality in education, especially for under-privileged people from remote areas.
  • Introduce world’s successful models in teaching, learning and administration through international seminars, workshops, conferences to tackle issues in education and educational administration which are confronted by local institutions and those from other countries in the region.

Training Programs

While taking pride of our training quality and services, Division of Education (DOE) are strongly committed to the diversification of training programs and continued assessment and evaluation of all training programs.

The training topics include but not are limited to:

  • Strategic Planning;
  • Institutional and School Leadership;
  • Assessment in Education:
    • Organizational Structure Assessment
    • Faculty/Staff Assessment
    • Student Assessment
    • Curriculum Assessment
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation;
  • Human Resource Development/Management;
  • Institutional Organization and Administration;
  • Curriculum and Instructional Material Development;
  • Life Skills and Soft Skills Training
  • ICT Application in Teaching, Learning and Administration;
  • Research Methodology;
  • Grant Proposal Writing;
  • Project Management.

The Division of Education also provides customized training programs specific to teach institution’s needs and context.