On Saturday, 30 September 2017, SEAMEO RETRAC’s Kiddy Programs cheerfully celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with lots of fun and cultural activities for all ours students.

In order to motivate our children’s’ artistic and creative abilities and inspire teamwork amongst the children, Kiddy Programs conducted the 2017 Lantern Making Competition for students from level “Kids 2A” to “Youngsters”.

During the competition, classes freely designed and decorated and then shared their own lanterns with one another. Prizes were awarded to thirty beautifully decorated lanterns by the adding up their scores from both the Kiddy Program’s judges and votes on our Facebook

Students from Kindergartens to Kids 1B were presented colorful paper lanterns and some sweets. They also got to meet and capture lots of photos with the two legendary characters of Mid-Autumn Festival, Hằng Nga and Chú Cuội.

Through the activities, not only did the students have a great chance to boost their English skills, but they could also better understand the meaning of the Moon Festival which is one of Vietnam’s unique and most fun holidays for children.



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