A workshop on “the Total Reader and Lexile Framework” for administrators and lecturers from universities, colleges and high schools in Vietnam was conducted at SEAMEO RETRAC by Mr. Richard Nangle, expert in the field from the USA, on July 16 – 17, 2009.
The Total Reader is an invaluable online tool for measuring and improving a student’s reading level.

It can also help with instruction plans, identify struggling readers, track the effectiveness of the curriculum and demonstrate accountability. The Lexiles Framework for Reading is an educational tool that connects readers with reading materials using a common measure called Lexile. Recognized as the most widely adopted reading measure, a Lexile denotes both reading ability and text difficulty on the same scale. When used together, Lexile reader measures and Lexile text measures enable educators, parents and students to select books and other targeted reading materials that meet and challenge a reader’s unique abilities and interests. The plan for using the the Total Reader and Lexiles Framework will be implemented in Vietnam soon, especially when the national project on English 2020 is launched in 2010.

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