For over two decades, SEAMEO RETRAC has nurtured lasting partnerships with our SEAMEO Sister Centers, domestic institutions, diplomatic corps, and international organizations that share our commitment to education as a means to improve the quality of life across our region.

In 2017, SEAMEO RETRAC’s collaborative partnerships reached 62 educational institutions within and beyond Southeast Asia. Collaborative partnerships expand both partners’ capacity, network, and perspectives. Active partnerships foster intercultural teamwork, dialogue, and helps us each reach our common goals in education.

Partnerships include cost-sharing projects, co-organizing activities, participating in events, knowledge sharing, internships, research, cross-border education, and other efforts to bring develop quality educational opportunities to the region. We welcome those who share our vision to reach out to us and explore meaningful cooperation towards excellence in education.

Together we will prepare educators for the challenges of the 21st century.

We welcome you to contact our Department of International Development for any inquiries: