Training Workshops for English Oral and Written Examiners and Test Organizers

At the invitation from the Vietnam’s National Foreign Languages 2020 Project (NFL 2020 Project), six staff and teachers from SEAMEO RETRAC, headed by Ms. Trinh Thi Hoa My, Dean of Division of Foreign Studies, attended the training workshops for Oral and Written Examiners and Test Organizers at The University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) from December 11 to 18, 2013.
The eight-day workshops aimed to train English speaking and writing examiners for the NFL 2020 Project. During the workshop, the participants had a chance to reach the consensus on criteria, and to practice assessing English speaking abilities and rating English writing papers. The workshops were facilitated by resource persons from ULIS. Besides the workshops, a meeting among test organizers from 10 institutions was simultaneously conducted from December 11 to 14, 2013. The meeting helped publicize test organizers new protocols regulated by the NFL 2020 Project.

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