Trainer-training Workshop on Life Skills

Three modules of “Trainer-training Workshop on Life Skills” for university/college lecturers, student affairs, youth and students union staff were conducted at SEAMEO RETRAC respectively on December 19-23, 2011, February 06-10 and March 12-16, 2012.

The series of workshops aimed to infuse participants with needed life-skill teaching methods, provide guidance on how to design and organize life-skill practices in a comprehensible manner. Attending the workshops, participants were also provided with life-skill related materials which can be used as the basis for future training at their institutions.The workshops were undertaken by SEAMEO RETRAC resource persons and visiting facilitators from other institutions in Ho Chi Minh City. The whole course (consisting of 3 modules) had the attendance of 45 participants from universities, colleges and professional secondary schools in HCMC and Mekong Delta.

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