To further strengthen the collaboration between SEAMEO RETRAC and SEAMEO INNOTEH Mr. Dinh Gia Bao, and Mr. Vo Tan Dung were sent to SEAMEO INNOTECH for a 3 week secondment to learn the Instructional and Curricular Excellence in School Leadership for Southeast Asia (ICeXCELS).

It is also a way to promote the online training model, especially in educational management and leadership. The purposes of the secondment included learning about the content, management and implementation procedures of ICeXCELS; acquiring the technical knowledge of IFLEX, and applying IFLEX in online training in Vietnam contexts. It is expected that this new technical knowledge will enhance the Center’s capability in delivering online training to school leaders in the remote areas across Vietnam. The ICeXCELS course has been successfully and effectively implemented in training elementary and secondary school heads in the Philippines. For the reason, ICeXCELS should make the same contribution in enhancing the educational capacity and competency of elementary and secondary school leaders in Vietnam as well.

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